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Gabriel’s 6th Zootopia Birthday Bash!

Zootopia! What a fun movie with beautiful graphics and an inspiring storyline. When mommy contacted us with this theme, it was like some light bulbs are turned on in my head! Let’s do it! Mommy simple instructions was for a fun and colorful table setup , featuring 4 of Gabriel’s fave characters from the movie – Nick, Judy, Flash and Gazelle. The party was held at Cool de Sac at Suntec Convention and if you haven’t been there, you totally should!Your kids will love running around wild in that place.

We drew a lot of inspirations from the movie itself, involving our desserts around the iconic features of the movie such as the carrot cake pops, donuts with sprinkles and the pawpsicle chocolate covered oreos. Gotta have some cop cars chasing after the sly Nick Wilde too, of course! It was definitely a colorful event , and we are glad Mommy totally approved our work! She said she has never seen a dessert table as wiped out as this one! Yay! a wiped out dessert table is what we are after! Happy Birthday Gabriel !

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Jeaavaughn’s 1st Birthday Animal Party!

We have done quite a fair share of animal theme parties before, however, this time round, instead of a safari feel, Mommy had requested to have a more “baby” feel to the party instead. We bring in the cute factor to the party by implementing softer colors like baby blue , yellows and oranges , keeping the greens and browns to a minimal. And that huge giraffe face balloons and his sweet smile just add an extra dose of cuteness! We really liked how this whole party turned out. Happy 1st birthday, Jeaavaughn,,


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Teachers Day Cookies

Good morning! A while back, we did a photo post for our last year Teachers Day cookies as a reminder to appreciate all teachers out there , and a few clients actually contacted us to place their orders as they just remembered! So, here are some of the different designs that we made for this year’s Teachers day..Every of this cookie is wrapped individually in a clear bag with our tag or stickers. Happy belated Teachers Day for all great teachers in Singapore and beyond! You are making a huge impact on our next generations!

On a side note: These cookies are really versatile, they make a great party favor for any special events such as baby full month, birthdays , wedding, as well as corporate events. Not only are they customizable, it is also less perishable compared to fresh cakes, making it easy to transport, and they make a good afternoon teatime snack!
mix-cookies mason-jars lolly-cookiesTeAchers

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Easecox International Opening Ceremony

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday so far! Here are some pictures from our recent dessert table for Easecox International Opening Ceremony. Taking the inspiration from their logo and company color, we incorporated lace and flowers for the table to create a feminine feel. The company has also requested a 2 tier classy cake with our hand crafted sugar blooms as a centerpiece for the morning session. We had received a lot of positive feedback from the ladies that were present at the party. They loved the look of the table and was pleased at how tasty the desserts were! Yay!

Overall TableAngle LeftMini CheesecakesCupcakesMiddle TableCookiesRaspberry tarts

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Good morning! It has been a while since i posted pictures of birthday cakes ..and we did some cakes along the way for clients who only wish to have a specialty cake for their children. The cake design is often times derived from a character that the child likes, or a color theme of the party and we will plan something that is aesthaticaly beautiful and of course, for the cake to taste good too!

One recent feedback that we received from Mommy for the Totoro cake really made our day! “Thank you once again for your help. You never disappoint us. Everyone was impressed by the cake and the figurines, until they had a bite, they were even more so. Good Job!”

Thanks for always placing your trust in us , year after year!

Main CakeZoom CakeHat in the Cat

CAre Bear cake
Music Cake

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