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Baby Tristan Totoro Full Month Party

Happy Monday…Here are some pictures from Baby Tristan’s Full Month party. I must admit, the first time i heard about Totoro was only a few months back when a client was inquiring about a cake for July. And even then, i still got the name confused with Pororo! o dear! but , i finally got it! haha… Keeping the color palette to shades of blue, grey and touches of greens and reds, we give it a little of a woodsy feel but still keeping it “light” for a newborn feel. We chose a variety of cupcake toppers for this party to keep it fun, by using paper toppers, totoro 2d toppers as well as the cute mini 3d white ones with a leaf over his head. And of course, hand painting the totoro on the macarons too! Making a faux tree branch with crepe leaves added a more custom touch to the table too. It was a delight when mommy gave her stamp of approval by saying how nice the table was. Yay,,Happy One month Baby Tristan!

Overview TableChocolatesJellycup Fruit TartTotoro TrayMacaronsFruit TartsDEtails Cupcake 1Table UpcloseCupcake with tagsBanners

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Morgan’s Jungle Safari Birthday !

Here’s some throwback photos of Morgan’s 1st birthday party ala jungle safari style. Mommy really liked our safari party and decided to take on the same theme with several tweaks to it. Balloon trees were added to flank the table and cute animal blowers and party themed bags are provided as favors too for the little guests. Kids were also entertained by the very cute selection of huge animal floaters such as the unicorns for their afternoon swim and not to mention the unique safari themed catering buffet by a local catering company here in Singapore to match the party! And of course Morgan is dressed in his safari ranger vest and hat and matching khaki outfits for the whole family! Great job Mommy in bringing in a taste of the Singapore zoo in the heart of Orchard road Function room.

BalloonsMain TableDetails 1Candy zebrasSwiss Roll

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Sofia the 1st Party for Reanne 3rd Birthday!

This Sofia the 1st party was done under the special request of a really beautiful girl, Reanne. We were just started installing the dessert table, when she came up to the top deck and she looked at banner, pointed and squealed: “Sofia!” O my, thats what kept me in this line of business, to see those kids lit up when they see their party! And another surprise of the day, was when the dark clouds came over the sky while we were installing. It has been raining in spurts lately all over Singapore, and we were hoping it will bypass that part of the island that weekend. We constantly checked the clouds to assess the possibility of the huge rain, and truly enough, it came and we have to halt our setup, pull down the shade over the table, and huddled under the cover to stay dry. Luckily it stopped after a while, and we rushed to finish off the setup before the crowd arrives, and when the crowd arrives, it started to drizzle a little bit. However, no one’s mood is dampened by the drizzle, the kids are still having fun at the sand pit and the bouncy castle! Got to learn to have that carefree spirit from those kids, priceless!

To match the theme, we have decorated our cake pop sticks with little pearls and of course, the purple Gem! Even our jelly cups are lined with the lace and little satin flower to give it an extra touch. And we just have to have a 3d figurine of Princess Sofia and Whatnot on top of the cake!

Not to forget those personalized passport covers for all of Reanne’s cute friends. Happy 3rd Birthday Reanne!

GeneralDetails 1Details 2Details 5Details 4Details 3


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Takeaway Party Favors

Today Iam posting some varieties of party favors that you can gift your friends (or kids’ friends). Edible ones, of course. We all have a fair share of parties to host annually, be it a baby shower, wedding or engagements or even birthday parties. And we are often faced with the dilemma of , what should I gift my guests? Instead of the keychains, or refrigerator magnets that often times got misplaced in the drawer, why not give them edible treats! Let them gobble it down on the way home in the car, or have it with their cup of tea the next afternoon. Here are some ideas of edible treats for your guests! What’s even better is they can be easily customized by changing the color of the flowers or even addition of a little tag to the box. A sure crowd pleasers!

Mini Lemon Bundt

Rose Mini CakesDuck Cookies


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Caitlin’s Spring Flamingo Party

Get ready for a fun filled colorful spring party! This party is designed specially for Caitlin for her very first birthday. Mommy has been getting our confections for the previous years for her other parties, and this year, we decided to do her dessert table! We proposed a colorful spring vibe and to tie in the popular pink flamingos and pineapples to the mix. Working on this theme just gave me a very happy feeling, from pulling different colored pompoms to hand painting the macarons with the different elements.  All done in the name of Flamingos! ha! We had only 2.5 weeks to design this project and we were working full force to make it happen and thankfully, all items purchased online from abroad arrived just in time for the party. Phew!

Mommy texted me with a lovely message that same night and it totally made my day!

“Angie, I’m eternally grateful for your help today. You are a miracle worker to have pulled off such an amazing job in such a short time. You really put in a lot of love and effort to make this birthday so special for Caitlin. Everyone is so impressed. Thank you so so much!”

The pleasure is mine! Thanks for trusting us year after year! Happy 1st Caitlin

**Cake and donuts by Cupplets

Overall TableCombi -2CAkeCAkepopsBottlesSide CloseupCombi - 1Cupcakes

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