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Caitlin’s Spring Flamingo Party

Get ready for a fun filled colorful spring party! This party is designed specially for Caitlin for her very first birthday. Mommy has been getting our confections for the previous years for her other parties, and this year, we decided to do her dessert table! We proposed a colorful spring vibe and to tie in the popular pink flamingos and pineapples to the mix. Working on this theme just gave me a very happy feeling, from pulling different colored pompoms to hand painting the macarons with the different elements.  All done in the name of Flamingos! ha! We had only 2.5 weeks to design this project and we were working full force to make it happen and thankfully, all items purchased online from abroad arrived just in time for the party. Phew!

Mommy texted me with a lovely message that same night and it totally made my day!

“Angie, I’m eternally grateful for your help today. You are a miracle worker to have pulled off such an amazing job in such a short time. You really put in a lot of love and effort to make this birthday so special for Caitlin. Everyone is so impressed. Thank you so so much!”

The pleasure is mine! Thanks for trusting us year after year! Happy 1st Caitlin

**Cake and donuts by Cupplets

Overall TableCombi -2CAkeCAkepopsBottlesSide CloseupCombi - 1Cupcakes

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Sophia’s 5th Birthday – Pinkie Pie

Sophia’s 5th birthday with Pinkie Pie! My first clue to how to style this party, came from my older daughter, who informed me, Pinkie Pie loves party! Hence, i decided to create a more festive approach to the otherwise pink pony. It is covered with colorful streamers, balloons, and I even handmade the party hats, under the specific request of my daughter! The kids had an amazing time at the bouncy castle too! Unfortunately, theres no pinkie pie themed bouncy to make my dream come true~1 ha! Happy birthday Sophia!Balloons

dessert tableCakeCookiesPassport coverGlass potsPonyBubbles

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Let’s Sail Away to Timothy’s 1st Birthday !

Ahoy !! Here are some pictures from Timothy’s 1st Birthday party decked out in nautical theme, with emphasis on blue and red. Mommy had previously ordered nautical cupcakes boxsets for Timothy’s full month party last year, and before we know it, we got another phone call to celebrate his 1st birthday. And this time Mommy wanted to keep the same theme, which i thought is a cool theme for a boy’s party. She loves our cupcakes so we featured our nautical cupcakes again, with a slightly different design and we added Jelly cups with an edible candy “buoy” tied to the cups! Bags of colourful goldfish crackers are also provided as a takeaway item for kids to enjoy and watermelon and chips to offset the sweet items. It was overall, a great party in spite of the heavy downpour that day. Happy Birthday once again Timothy!
NameOverall tableCupcakes topCollage 1Jelly CupsBuoyRight VignetteChips

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Raeanne’s Tinkerbell 1st Birthday Party

Hello 2016!!

We are back to post more pretty pictures to kickstart this awesome year! This party was for a very special girl Raeanne who turned one last December, and Mommy had requested for a Tinkerbell Garden party for the occasion. She had liked our My Melody table that we did for Chloe last year, and had wanted to have a similar vibe. Hence here we are! So instead of the typical enchanted Tinkerbell party, we took on the dreamy, pastel Garden feel for Tinkerbell with emphasis on the garden flower blooms and the mushrooms. We did mushroom cake pops, cupcakes with fondant flowers, as well as cupcakes with very cute Tinkerbell template that we found from Growing Up Bilingual. We also special adorned jelly cups with pink and off white silk flowers and green veins for an extra touch of the garden feel and of course- prettiness! Sugar cookies are also not an exemption for this party. We made a variety of cookies, in the shape of butterflies, mushrooms, flowers as well as some with edible print out of Tinkerbell. Aside from the dessert table, we had also put up a photo stand with a collage of colourful paper fans and butterflies to flank the milestones pictures of Raeanne in her 1st year of growth! What better way to celebrate a 1st birthday than to reflect back on the achievements in the past year. To further infuse the Tinkerbell Garden theme, we also laid out custom designed paper placement mats for all 100 seatings with a floral centerpiece jars for each tables. It was after all a day out with Tinkerbell!

To top it off, the party was very well received by Raeanne’s parents as well as the guests! Truly appreciate the thank you email that Mommy sent the day after. It was our pleasure to be apart of Raeanne’s major party! Happy 1st Raeanne!

Overall 1


DEtail 2

Cupcakes Dome

DEtail 1

Jelly Stand


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Sarah & Amane Baby Shower

Hello again! I am back with more pictures! It’s been rather hectic crazy lately with so many things to prep for as we have 2 events to prepare for with only one day in between. Initially, Sarah was planning her event on a different date which we are not available for, so she decided to move her event earlier so we can work together, and of course, we cannot disappoint! As they are keeping the gender of the baby a surprise till delivery day, we decided to pair purple (Sarah’s main color) with turquoise and white to keep it neutral. And Sarah has also mentioned that she wanted a simple, not so many decorations kinda setup, thus, we kept things very streamlined and clean for her. And we played with colorful backdrop paper decorations to accent the table. It was an intimate affair and we were truly pleased to hear back from Sarah that they are very happy with the table and had a great baby shower. And we are going to get started to work on their welcome baby dessert table real soon!

It’s always very encouraging to hear how our clients love our setup! We never take that for granted! Its our affirmation to keep plugging on to create even better tables!

All the best for the rest of your pregnancy journey Sarah!

Note: Cake is provided by our client.



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