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Chloe’s My Melody Birthday Party

Welcome to Chloe’s My Melody garden party! This party is held at the lawn deck of Marmalade Pantry at the Stables and we utilized the lawn deck area for the dessert table setup and suspended flower balloons for the area. We also had an outdoor portion of it, where a huge bouncy set from Bouncy Castles was placed and 2 picnic tables were set up all pretty for the kids to have their lunch after all the bouncing. The color palette requested by the client was pink, lavender and green, and i thought it was a very refreshing and girlie palette all in one, fitting for a garden party.

Enjoy the pictures! and happy birthday once again Chloe!

My melody cookies

OverviewDS Detail 2DS Detail 1DS Detail 3DS Detail 4Picnic Table overviewPicnic Table DEtail 1Picnic Table DEtail 2Picnic Table DEtail 3

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Baby Elroy’s Peter Rabbit Full month Party!

Hello ..hello, happy Wednesday!

Some of you may already see snippets of this party pictures on our FB page, and here are the details of the party.

Mommy Elaine contacted us for her baby boy’s full month party which falls on the Good Friday, and when we suggested a Peter Rabbit theme, she was on board almost immediately! Yay! And instead of having a lineup of desserts for the table like we normally do, we tweaked the table to be full of goodies that guests can bring home as favors. To make it more unique, we had to ship over a big box of farmers market baskets from the US to act as the to go “box” and added a lil tag with a twine. We sourced candies and chocolates in the greens and light blues hue and created custom labels for the rest of the favors on the table. I think this book, is such a classic tale and almost a household must have for every family with small kids. (That, plus the caterpillar book). We brought in lots of baskets, wood crates, real vegetables and of course, we got to match our cookies with handprinted carrots and lettuce cookies. Yes, it was a very vegetable kinda week for us.

Happy full month baby Elroy!

BunnyOverviewDEtails 1DEtails 3DEtails 4RightDEtails 2Left




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Kaylee 2nd Ducky Duck Birthday!


Today’s posting is based on the famous yellow ducky that almost every kid will have in their bathtub.. Kaylee loves her ducks and the color green, and what better way to celebrate her birthday than to theme it around these two elements. We brought in many rubber ducks on our jelly tops, duck shaped cookies, ducks foam boards, and even personalized hand towels with embroidered duck and Kaylee’s name on it. We also decor the pavilion with strings of tissue garland tassels and groups of paper fans. This set up was done at the pavilion at The Trizon condo and boy, it was so windy up there, that things are literally FLYING! We had to do further reinforcements on all our setup elements, tying or taping them down as much as we can. Wind can be a good thing to have being outdoor, but, o my, it was quite a nightmare to see your cupcakes flying away from the table! After all the hard work, it was after all a pretty lil ducky setup.

Happy 2nd Ducky birthday Kaylee!

WelcomeMainDetails 1Details 2CookiesBAllonLeft TableDetails 3

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Watercolor effect Pastel Butterfly cookies!

Happy Monday!

Here are some pictures of the big batch of butterfly cookies (122 to be exact!) that we painted in watercolor effect and dusted in shimmers for a party that Red Carousel did for her client. These cookies served as favors for their guests of the day. Gift tags and twine provided by Red Carousel. Head over to their page to get a good glimpse of this beautiful setup!



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