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Shama’s 1st Rainbow Birthday Party

We have been given the privilege to create parties on behalf of Shama from right before she was born. The very first one was her Mommy’s baby shower, and we have done her one month old party and now her 1st birthday! It feels like we have watched her grow pretty much. And this time, it is held at Shama’s fave gym place at UE Square Singapore, where she regularly attends the class there. The color theme was to be bright colors of the rainbows, however, Mommy has made it clear that she doesn’t want the icon of the rainbow. Hence, we paired the colors with stripes and polka dots to spruce things up a little. We paid emphasis to the colors by making sure our confections such as cake pops, macarons, cookies carry the various colors as well. And we brought in some strawberries, and Shama’s fave fruit – bananas to add to the table. It was definitely one colorful party! Not to be missed! And the cake was a toy box full of the toys that Shama has grown fond of over the year. So, if you are not sure what theme you should have for your child’s party, maybe you can start with their fave toys. Just an idea!

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Germaine’s Barnyard Party!

As the Rooster Chinese New Year is approaching, I thought its timely that I share our last dessert table setup that has a similar vibe to the Rooster – Barnyard theme with the hen. Ha! So, this party was done for a girl that I supposed love animals, and mommy requested the theme and with addition of more pink to the table to make it more girlie. We had an absolute fun time concocting this party from the printable to the cake to the desserts.And whats a barnyard party without a cutie farmer girl!From the customized cake with many cute sugar figurines to the different animals cake pops and dry noodles snack resembling haystack, it just adds to the theme. All the neighs, moos, oinks , baa-s,totally spiced up the party!


Animals cakepopsCakeCake detailsDetails 1 eggs cupcakesPopcornFlowersDetails milkDetailsTable front view

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Ollie’s Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday !

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 was a year of pushing new frontiers for us. Due to increasing requests, we were able to cater to several dessert tables in one day without compromising our standard for details. And we specifically want to thank all our dear clients who have trusted us with their special celebrations, and their kind word of mouth advertising to their friends and families. We have received so many inquiries this year, that started with: I have attended xxx birthday party and I loved your decor/cake and i wanted to have the same! So, thank you for your kind words and praises. We are glad that our efforts do not go unnoticed! I even had a client who sat me down with a glass of champagne right after the setup, to thank me for the hard work! Thank you!

Here is one last party that we did last year for Ollie, who turned 1 ! The setup was done at the One Amber (East Coast Singapore) condo function room and it was so bright and airy, perfect for a setup! We have done a Peter Rabbit theme before and we are never tired of that theme! We added lots of detailing for this theme with the desserts, such as shaped macarons (our very own creations!), various veggies shaped cake pops, buttercream floral cupcakes as well as the leaves and vegetables spread for the decor. Cake was brought in by the client.

We were very pleased with the overall setup and we hope you enjoyed the party pics!

We are back in full swing preparation for our next events and our schedules are filling up for this first trimester of the year! Can’t wait to bring you even more exciting projects! Cheers to an even more awesome 2017!



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Animal themed cakes..

Well, looking back to the past few weeks, I had noticed that i have been doing less of a girly theme cakes and more of an animal theme cakes and confections. Are there more boys born around this time of the year in Singapore? Ha! Its baby safari feel kinda cake, with monkey cake pops and matching cupcakes and animal cookies for a carnival themed party. There’s also one fire engine truck for another boy celebrating his 4th birthday as well. And guess what, theres another barn cake due next week too, but with horse,sheep and dog instead! ¬†Well, happy birthday to all of these young men!


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Sugar Flowers..

Our mornings seem to be rather dark and rainy these days in Singapore. And while scrolling thru some old pictures, I found these sugar flowers and I thought i would post it today to bring some “cheer” to our mornings. A simple cake topped with a small arrangement of sugar flowers can add such a lovely touch, and of course, cake pops, cookies and cupcakes are not excluded. And whats even better, these flowers can be “recycled” and placed in a small glass jar and voila! you have just scored yourself a nice floral arrangement for your dining table. Just an idea.

Even though our pages may be filled with so many child related parties, cakes, confections, but deep down in my heart, there is always a very special place reserved for beautiful blooms, sugar or non sugar flowers.

I realized that I have not been updating this site as regularly as our Facebook or Instagram account. So, if you would like to see more of our works, please visit those two pages of ours. Have a lovely day everyone! It is a beautiful day!
sugar-flower-anemone cakepop-flowers cupcakes-pink

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