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Easter Celebration

Happy Belated Easter to all of you! It was a long weekend holiday here in Singapore, I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families and friends.

Just before the weekend comes and meeting friends and families, I managed to squeeze out these Easter cuties for a client who wants to give these away for friends for Easter. The direction was cake pops and I just couldn’t resist the urge to produce an Easter cake pop collections with all the bunnies, carrots, chicks and eggs. Though the true meaning of Easter is definitely far from the images of these eggs and bunnies, I guess a lil cuteness would not hurt anyone.:)

And we also did a bit of cookies decorating with my 2 girls at home for them to give away to close friends in their school. With limited supplies at home – 2 bottles of sugar sprinkles and 1 bottle of sugar confettis, my two girls came out with these designs themselves and I helped out with the rolling of fondant and applying edible glue to the fondant. I must say, it is pretty fun, minus the few times that my 3 year old almost spill the entire bottle of sugar sprinkles all over the floor. O well, at that point, i guess the ants will throw themselves a party.:)Enjoy!

EAster Cakepops

EAster Cookies

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Yellow and Lilac – Constance’s 1st Birthday

Today’s post is for a lil belle turning into the Big 1! For those who have kids, you would know that there is a lot of milestones that a lil child goes thru in their first year of life. And at every single milestone reached, we, parents looked at them in total amazement and wonder, even with the 3rd child. And thus, I am a firm believer of a 1 year old deserving of a big celebration. And Constance is no exception. Her parents had planned out a special birthday bash and has contacted us to make the cake, cookies, cake pops and cupcakes for the day. The color selection was generally lilac, off white and light yellow. And here are some of the pictures. I thought it was a very sweet collection of sweet treats. And I was super happy when her mom sent me a text about our treats the next day.

“Hey Angie, thank you for the cakes. They were a hit at the party! Everyone loves them, it’s not too sweet, moist and the presentation was impressive.:)”

Thank you.


Cake Details


CAkepop Detail

CookiesCupcake DetailCupcake Set

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My Lil Ariel Princess turns 3!

Being a baker mom, my 2 girls definitely have their fair share of seeing many desserts/cakes get whipped up. However, I must say their continual admiration for mommy’s creations gives me an unexplainable happiness. And so for their birthdays, I only seek to please my lil “clients”. Hence, for my youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday, I started asking Sophia simple questions like: What kind of cake do you want? and what color? And with no shadow of doubt, she said Ariel and everything purple. Easy enough. And when both girls returned home in time to see the finished cake, they ran to the cake and screamed and Abigail melted my heart when she said: she’s pretty mommy. Awwwhh..I feel like I have just drifted off to the ceiling.:)

So, enjoy the pictures of the cake, and I couldn’t help but also insert a photo of my lil birthday princess in her Ariel dress. We love you tons Sophia, you are definitely our bundle of joy with your cheeky goofiness constantly up your sleeves.

Main cakeClose UpSophia

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Up, up and Away!!

It is always fun, when  a client contacts us and wanted us to do some unique designs. This is a repeat client , whom we have done the London Theme cake and cupcakes for, and this time round, she wanted an airplane theme for her eldest son. I was pretty excited. I made the airplane topper out of rice krispies treat and the pilot is totally made out of fondant. And to make things even more interesting, she requested airplane cake pops as well! I was even more pumped! Though I have never done an airplane before, I simply said, yes! I’ll figure out the “mechanics” later.:)It was in all, a very fun week of crafting all things airplane, and this is what the client has to say about our cakes. Thank you for your trust and liking our works!

” This is our second order with Colour It Sweet (Singapore), for both our children’s birthdays. We love the creative designs, and the cake tasted great. Especially the chocolate cake. Kids love them so much and so do I.:)We will definitely order for the next occasions. ” Nat.

CakeCakepop 2Cakepops 1Cupcakes

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