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Under the Sea – Hannah turns 1!

Hello everyone! I am back again with more pictures!

This party is dedicated to a special girl, Hannah, as she turned the big 1, several weeks ago. Her parents knew they wanted an Under the Sea theme, and when they saw our previous work, they loved it and wanted the same. However, we tweaked the colors and added the frills and Miss mermaid, to make the entire ensemble more girlie. I must say, I really liked it.:)

We have also collaborated with a Singapore based Photographer, William Lie, for the event coverage as well as the detail snapshots of our table. You may head over to his blog: or email him at to inquire about his range of services.

Have an awesome Wednesday!!

Overview Cake

Details 3Left VignetteDetails 1

Details 2

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Black & White Chanel Inspired Birthday

Hello! Today’s post is a follow up of the Black and White Chanel inspired party that we did for Charmaine, who turned 30! Following on the famous quote of Coco Chanel ” A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous”, we aimed to deliver that very essence of Chanel into this birthday. We brought in gorgeous fabric and lace to use as the backdrop, while keeping the confections as classy and beautiful at the same time. For the cake, instead of the typical sugar flowers, I chose to go with the edible wafer paper for a change. And i must say, its a great medium for flowers, however, it does need extra care during transport. Surprisingly, this Chanel party is the only party thus far that I have received the most compliments coming from men! yes, it must be the combination of the power of black color and the fact that Charmaine has extremely nice friends!:)

I was really glad that everyone enjoyed the dessert table and this is the note that I received from the birthday girl, the following day:

“Hi Angie, many thanks to you for the lovely setup last night. Not only did it look great but it all tasted really good, esp the birthday cake! Beautiful, red velvet, truly. Everything went without a hitch and there were lots of compliments on the desserts. Hope to have you at our next event whenever that might be ~ Charmaine”

Thank you.

Main TableMain CakeDetails 1Details 4Center PlatesDetails 2Details 3Details 4Main Table - Close ViewMini Cuppies Oreo Collection Arial view

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Community Giveback Initiatives

Hello Monday!

Today I would like to share 2 cakes that mark the start of our Community Giveback Initiatives.:)In this society, it is very easy to fall into the Me, Myself and I mode, where it’s all about what’s in it for me, what I can get for me etc, to the point that we forget to be thankful for what we have and most importantly, to bless others in need. Sometime in May, I was just chatting with someone, and I was brought to attention of a certain group of kids who often do not have the luxury of having even birthday cakes due to their family financial situations. And so, I decided to put my hands to good use and  hopefully cheer some kids with a birthday cake or 2! And thinking of what’s gender neutral and what’s gonna excite kids, i immediately thought of fluffy Olaf.

What’s important too is that sometimes, blessing someone may not necessarily have to be in a form of a physical gift/thing, but, it may come in a form of simple gestures such as giving up a seat to an elderly, a listening ear to someone in need or even a smile or hello to people that you meet. And believe it or not, every single act of kindness matters and is very contagious! So, look around you today and be that blessing agent!

CHC - Olaf

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Black and White – Snapshots

Good morning! In this gloomy, rainy weather, i thought I would post some snapshots of our last event to brighten our day (a lil?). I love colors and straying away from colors can be a bit hard on my nerves. Ha! But, who can resist a true classic, black and white ? they are just a regal combination, noteworthy in its own way. I love flowers , and more so, when its fluffy and white! So, enjoy these pics. I hope to post more pics of the event soon!

Floral vaseCupcakes Collection Arial view

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One Ensemble of Treats – Sarah & Duck fan

Happy Tuesday everyone! I totally loved today’s weather, A broad daylight sans the scorching heat. We went to the Adventure Cove last weekend , and the sun totally “fried up” my both shoulders! Ouch! So, I was pretty relieved to have a sun-free day.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of an ensemble of treats that we recently did for a boy’s birthday celebrations – one at his school and another at home. So, this boy loved Sarah and Duck and a few more things such as : rainbows, strawberries, mushroom house, apples. And mommy, showed us a picture of a cake and cookies that she liked, and we improvised from there.:)

It is always fun when celebrations are themed around one’s likings, isn’t it? Cheers to our birthday boy!

Sarah and Duck cakeCookies WrapCookies CloseupCakepopsStrawberry cupcakes



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