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Easecox International Opening Ceremony

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday so far! Here are some pictures from our recent dessert table for Easecox International Opening Ceremony. Taking the inspiration from their logo and company color, we incorporated lace and flowers for the table to create a feminine feel. The company has also requested a 2 tier classy cake with our hand crafted sugar blooms as a centerpiece for the morning session. We had received a lot of positive feedback from the ladies that were present at the party. They loved the look of the table and was pleased at how tasty the desserts were! Yay!

Overall TableAngle LeftMini CheesecakesCupcakesMiddle TableCookiesRaspberry tarts

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Good morning! It has been a while since i posted pictures of birthday cakes ..and we did some cakes along the way for clients who only wish to have a specialty cake for their children. The cake design is often times derived from a character that the child likes, or a color theme of the party and we will plan something that is aesthaticaly beautiful and of course, for the cake to taste good too!

One recent feedback that we received from Mommy for the Totoro cake really made our day! “Thank you once again for your help. You never disappoint us. Everyone was impressed by the cake and the figurines, until they had a bite, they were even more so. Good Job!”

Thanks for always placing your trust in us , year after year!

Main CakeZoom CakeHat in the Cat

CAre Bear cake
Music Cake

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A very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

Iam back with more pictures from our previous parties!

For those who have kids, this is one that will you can definitely identify with, aside from Barneys. The inspiration totally was derived from the infamous book – The very hungry Caterpillar. As Mia turns one, we reckoned that she will probably identify with this book as this is almost like a must to have book in the library of a one year old. ha! And mommy wanted to tie in a little bit of a picnic feel to it, so we brought in the picnic tablecloth, picnic baskets, and have it setup with the plants as a backdrop! We brought in lots of colors from the book itself, the ballon caterpillar and brought in as much elements from the book as possible to make it a totally Hungry Caterpillar party! We hand painted the elements on the cake, the butterfly topper as well as the cookies. A variety of fresh fruits are also part of the table offerings, to offer a healthy alternative to the jars of m&ms that are so beautifully topped with plastic fruits and leaves, as well as the apple and oranges cake pops and jelly! It was a really fun project to put together , and i really loved the colors in this party! Festive! Happy Birthday to our cutie pie, Mia!


General Table

Candy Jars

Cupcakes Fruits

Jelly Cookies

Fb-Bday cake


Front view


Side View

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Baby Full Month Gifts

One thing that I have come to realize upon moving back to Asia, is how important a full month celebration is here in Singapore. It is a milestone that is highly regarded by parents and friends and often times, it involves a party and lots of gifts giving. And up till now, we have created quite a number of variety of full month gift boxes for our clients to give away for their family members and friends. Here is one of the recent ones that we did for our clients and another set of baby themed cookies and cupcakes for a baby shower. Too pretty to be eaten for sure! Enjoy!

File Jul 19, 4 17 01 PMFile Jul 19, 4 38 24 PMFile Jul 19, 3 03 05 PMFile Jul 19, 3 02 43 PM

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Baby Tristan Totoro Full Month Party

Happy Monday…Here are some pictures from Baby Tristan’s Full Month party. I must admit, the first time i heard about Totoro was only a few months back when a client was inquiring about a cake for July. And even then, i still got the name confused with Pororo! o dear! but , i finally got it! haha… Keeping the color palette to shades of blue, grey and touches of greens and reds, we give it a little of a woodsy feel but still keeping it “light” for a newborn feel. We chose a variety of cupcake toppers for this party to keep it fun, by using paper toppers, totoro 2d toppers as well as the cute mini 3d white ones with a leaf over his head. And of course, hand painting the totoro on the macarons too! Making a faux tree branch with crepe leaves added a more custom touch to the table too. It was a delight when mommy gave her stamp of approval by saying how nice the table was. Yay,,Happy One month Baby Tristan!

Overview TableChocolatesJellycup Fruit TartTotoro TrayMacaronsFruit TartsDEtails Cupcake 1Table UpcloseCupcake with tagsBanners

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