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YunLe’s Enchanted Fairy Birthday !

Today we are featuring pictures from Yunle’s enchanted fairy party .. If you recall, we have done one enchanted party too a while back. However, Mommy has requested Yunle’s party to not be too kiddish and not too moss-y. And to remain in the greens, woody colour, and the beiges for a lighter feel. So , here it is! For this party, we really had fun in bringing in different unique desserts to support the theme. Yunle really loved her snail soft toy, so thats a must to introduce to the table. So we have the uber cute snail macarons from Milleaville Macarons, and we made hedgehogs cookies with gold sprinkles to tempt the guests. A birthday cake with edible realistic bark and sugar flower is part of the main highlight of the table as well.

Hope you enjoyed scrolling thru the details of this party.

Have an awesome Tuesday!

Macarons: Milleaville Macarons
General tableCake CupcakesCupcakes CAkepopsHedgehogsCentre of tableFruit CupsMacarons

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Rey’s Enchanted Forest 1st Birthday

Welcome to Rey’sEnchanted Forest 1st Birthday at the Blisshouse, Singapore. Mommy approached us upon liking the dessert table that we did for her friend’s birthday party. She wanted to have an enchanted forest theme but not to be too dark, and wanted a lively vibe as well. So, we brought in all thenevessary elements of this theme, the moss, the ivy leaves, bambi, squirrels, mushrooms and mix it in with colorful balloons, buntings, flowers and pompoms! and we totally loved the end result! Fitting for fairy Rey. And we were super pleased to hear the great feedback from Mommy who loved every bit of the table and how her guests were wow-ed by the amount of details and effort that goes into the table and confections. Its one thing for someone to say how nice things look, but another thing when they acknowledge the effort and time that goes into making the things look nice. It just made your late nights so much worth it.

So, here are the pictures from the event , hope it brings excitement to your eyes! LOL!

Vendor credits:

Macarons – Milleaville Macarons

Scuplted balloons – Happier Sg

Styling/Confections/Cake/backdrop design/photography – Colour It Sweet

General tableCookies cupcakesMacaronsFruit cupsSwiss RollUntitledFront viewCupcakes FlowerCakepops

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Sonya’s Floral Bambi first birthday

Sorry for the lack of pictures over here! ¬†I had just realized that I had missed out on posting several parties on the website. I promise we will do some catching up here! Today’s post, will be on the dessert table that we just did last weekend. Mommy got us on board many months prior to her event and the brief was for the table to be floral and featuring bambi. With that in mind, we pulled on the floral aspect and leaves and created a sophisticated and girlie kinda table with our bambi in mind, without being too cartoony. And we loved the end result! We adorned the jelly cups with small flowers on jute strings , and the branches with tiny colorful flowers were brought in to house the gorgeous¬†butterfly hair clips as giveaways from Mommy. How about some standing big crepe paper flowers to further infuse our floral theme? We were just so happy, when we saw the expression of Mommy’s face as she entered the room and saw our table. And when she gave me hug, i knew i had done something right!

There were a lot of vendors that are brought in to make this party an unforgettable one. There was a huge backdrop wood wall that served as a photo taking area done by Spellbound Weddings, and the lovely floral hot air balloon basket that Lefairymeadow did for the lil guests and Sonya to hop in for photos! If only, we were several sizes more petite! LOL! Huge White tents were pitched on the outside of MOCA cafe, Loewens around Dempsey area , with dining tables and tiffany chairs for guests to sit in. Lefairymeadow did some flower stands throughout the entrance path leading up to the cafe as well. It was just beautiful!

Cake- Littlehouseofdreams


Main TableJelly FlowersJElly standCookies MacaronsFlower clipsSpellbound

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Avery’s Unicorn Full Month

There is such a craze over unicorn theme parties or desserts, and I was so glad i get to take part in it! We decided to pair our unicorn not only with rainbows and stars, but with a touch of ice cream fun as well. We did ice cream popsicle shaped cakepops, as well as ice cream cookies (totally inspired by Vickie Yo’s unicorn over a cone cookies).We also featured cute unicorn shaped macarons as well as the rainbow ones from Milleville that are too cute to be eaten. To jazz up our sweet table, we also did the random pastel colored balloon clusters at the top. Overall, it was definitely a sweet and girlie kinda setup for Avery, fitting for a baby girl!

Main table Finalcotton candy minicuppiescakepops CookiesMacarons flowe cageUnicorncakepops MiddlesectionBundt Lemon tartCakepops Closeup

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Anika’s Beauty and the Beast Birthday gala

Hope everyone’s having a great Tuesday so far. This post is dedicated to princess Anika, who celebrated her 7th birthday with a Beauty and the Beast theme. With the recent release of the movie, there seems to be a “revival” of this princess all over again. To keep things classy and not too kid-ish, we took inspirations from the color of Belle and Beast’s clothes! Yup! and we totally loved the whole setup. Of course, we had to infuse the details of Belle’s lil friends and red roses and her love of books into this whole ensemble to make it truly a Beauty and the Beast gala.

With themes like this, details are very important. We adorned every cookies, cake pops, cupcakes and cakes with lots of embellishments to bring it to life. Our birthday cake is topped with our very own handcrafted sugar Belle and the Beast. We also created balloons cluster with special rose foil balloons on top to add an extra touch to the table. Mommy and her friends decorated the tables as well with stacks of books and teacups, and a fun activity corner for the princesses to be entertained with.

And of course, our lil princesses arrived for the gala , all dressed up super pretty in their princess gowns! Happy 7th birthday Anika! Hope you had a blast. It was our utmost pleasure to be a part of your royal celebration. Thanks Mommy for being super nice from beginning to end, totally supportive of our works and letting us have full creative reign over the table.


General TableFrame cookiesCAke MirrorCake TraySide Tablecheesecake cupcakesBe my guestmacarons

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